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Meet Nicole:

Reiki found me by chance (or divine alignment) years ago when a massage therapist ended my session by channeling Reiki. I didn’t quite understand what had happened or shifted after this moment, but I knew I felt amazing and… better. I was clearer, more peaceful, and felt aligned. The feeling was tangible, and I wanted it to last. Though I didn’t yet understand the practice of Reiki, I made a mental note to revisit this powerful modality. 

Life moved on and sped up, and I eventually became pregnant with my son. My soul knew I had deep work to accomplish to prepare myself to become an embodied mother, and I went back to therapy. My initial sessions were helpful, but I was exhausted from work and my first trimester. I found myself resistant to talk therapy — I craved silent rest and repair. The therapist was also a trained Reiki Master (thanks, Universe!), and she suggested we try a Reiki session. 

Here it was again — this calming, stabilizing, soothing practice that gave me from my lifelong anxiety and stress. It laid the foundation for me to feel at ease and realize how capable and powerful I am — all of us — are. 

Thankful for the relief Reiki brought, I sought to learn more. I found teachers who were kind, inspiring, and saw my gifts. I found teachers who taught me how to channel Reiki not only for myself but also for my family, loved ones, pets, friends, and community.

Today, I serve my community as a Reiki and yoga practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher. My practical, approachable manner has brought my teachings into multiple studios, with private clients, and in yoga teacher trainings. I’m eternally passionate about helping my clients and community achieve inner peace, calmness, and harmony through Reiki.


A Reiki session with me is a soft landing to rest, rebalance, repair, and renew. Clients and I harmonize the energy of our session through the opportunity and option to communicate both before and after our session. 

I encourage clients to dress comfortably for their session and melt into an hour away from the outside world. 

Sessions often begin with communication and connection, followed by guided gentle breathwork and visualization. I often guide an aura-cleanse by tapping into and smoothing the external layers of the energy body before channeling Reiki in our quiet and sacred space. Sessions end with integrative sound healing, elective discussion and an intuitive, affirmative card pull to invite additional messages and reflection.


15 min intro: $44
30 min session: $111
60 minute session: $222



“I’ve done distance healing sessions with Nicole. She is very communicative, and I feel very relaxed with her. For me, what is most noticeable is how much energy I have afterwards. My mind and body are clear and refreshed. Since I am new to Reiki, I didn’t know what to expect, and working with Nicole has been a very good experience.” - Anna B.


“This was my first experience with Reiki, and I am definitely a huge fan now. I decided to try Reiki for relaxation after a minor surgery. It was super relaxing and healing.

Nicole is also extremely intuitive. She was able to pick up on another area in my body that needs some follow up care. I will continue to work with her for healing and stress management.” - Megan D.


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