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Meet Alexandra:

Born creative, bubbly and naive to the shadows of our existence, Alexandra Shelly didn't understand her life long connection to Spirit until 2018. Even though her first encounter was at the age of 4 and for the rest of her life, it was her innocent nature that didn't know how to put words to her experiences. Mid October 2018, just a few days before Halloween weekend, her maternal grandmother died. Alexandra was presented with a slew of odd occurrences and synchronicities; little did she know and she kept denying, was her grandmother in Spirit making herself very known. Finally, on the morning of November 1st, her grandmother wrote in the condensation of her bathroom mirror, "This was with my Soul ❤ ️" Now she couldn't deny her Spirit connection. One thing led to another to recognize her experiences with Spirit are different than others, and a month later, she met her mentor who began teaching, training and coaching the moment they met. It has now been a journey full of deep learning, reverence and building a strong spiritual practice to now show up for the collective. Alexandra is head over heels with helping you remember your innate magic and spiritual connection. She does this through weaving her playful, dynamic energy with core fundamental practices adopted from her mentor and world-renowned psychic mediums. With Alexandra, the possibilities are endless; reconnect with Loved Ones, meet your spirit guides, angels and benevolent beings on your Spirit Team, discover your spiritual gifts, learn how to manifest on a Soul level. She loves to bring you along for the journey and an energy of openness, ready to explore, discover and learn with every Spirit interaction. 


Alexandra will guide you through a meditation that will help shift you into a grounded, cleansed, and connected place in order to connect on a Soul-to-Soul level. She will then lead you through the journey by channeling messages via intuitive experience (clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairsalience, clairgustance). The way Spirit communicates through Alexandra is based on what you are most receptive to. For example, some connect more to a nostalgic feeling, others maybe connect more to a distinct image. To get the most of your experience with Alexandra is to be open to who, what and how messages come through, to lean into with deep compassion for yourself and curiosity with Spirit. And, bringing Joy is always a plus! Regardless, her goal is to leave you feeling more grounded and better than she found you. She's ready to guide you through whatever stage of life you're in--grief, lost, stuck, heartbroken, curious, giddy. Alexandra is here to welcome you in your whole, authentic self.

30 min session: $111
60 minute session: $222
90 minute session: $333 (recommended)


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