Carly Tway: Ceremonialist, Sound Therapist, & Crystal Master

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Meet Carly Tway:

Founder of Merkababe Designs, Jeweler, Resident Sound Therapist

Meet Carly Tway, a multi-faceted force of nature! She is the visionary owner of Merkababe Designs, a treasure trove of crystal magic nestled in the heart of Laguna Beach. With a global collection of precious stones, enchanting metaphysical tools, and her own handcrafted jewelry, Carly's shop is a portal to otherworldly realms.

But that's not all! Carly is a true Rose devotee, a poet of the Akasha, and an ardent student of the Goddess. Her path as a modern mystic has led her to explore the depths of spiritual healing and the mystic arts. She has immersed herself in a wealth of practices and earned certifications in Sound Therapy, Vibrational Alignment, Somatic Trauma Therapy, Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, Massage, Sound Bath Experiences, Breath-work, Cacao Ceremony Facilitation, and Meditation, among other transformative modalities.

Carly's greatest joy is to dive deep into the mystical realms, gather profound insights, and then share them with rawness, realness, and a healthy dose of humor. Her partner, Drew, and beloved cat, Mr. Pinkerton, share her idyllic life in Southern California, where she runs her shop, leads group classes, and works with students one-on-one in-person and virtually.

Get ready to experience transformational sessions with Carly's unique blend of Sound, Vibration, Energy, and Crystal Therapies. With her whimsical, dreamy, and empowering presence, Carly is your guide to a world of wonder and magic!


What a session with Carly is like: 

Welcome to the magical world of sound healing! Allow us to introduce you to our Signature Merkababe Metamorphosis session, a truly transformative experience that will leave you feeling empowered, awakened and connected to your inner wisdom.

Our journey begins with a sacred ritual where we invite you to set your intentions for this deeply healing treatment. From there, Carly will guide you through a channeled meditation, unlocking the secrets of your soul and leading you into a state of deep relaxation.

Our unique blend of on and off-body instruments, including gongs, crystal bowls, metal alchemy bowls, and chimes, will work together to balance and harmonize your energetic, emotional, etheric and physical bodies. As we delve deeper into the layers of your being, Carly will use the power of tuning forks, crystals, energy work and guidance from your soul and guides to help you tap into your innermost wisdom and unlock your full potential.

By the end of our Metamorphosis session, you'll emerge feeling reinvigorated, with a renewed sense of clarity, focus and connection to your intuition. Experience the profound benefits of this magical healing modality, such as better sleep, deep relaxation, nervous system rebalancing, and overall healing.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your mind, body, and spirit? Join us on this journey of transformation, and let the power of sound healing awaken your inner magic.


Carly Tway, a visionary and the CEO of Merkababe Designs and Ceremony by Merkababe Designs.

Carly is well versed in reviving ancient wisdom and seamlessly integrating it into modern life. Her extraordinary journey commenced in the 6th grade when her father handed her the transformative book, "The Secret," illuminating the enchanting possibilities of our world.

Carly's mission is to foster a profound connection between contemporary existence and the sacred, and she does this by nurturing communities, orchestrating sacred circles, and curating transformative retreats deeply rooted in mysticism and the wisdom of bygone eras.

With a plethora of certifications in Akashic perspective, crystal therapy, vibrational alignment, sound therapy, and numerous other modalities, Carly creates spaces for the alchemical transformation of the Self. She is a beacon of light guiding individuals to bridge the gap between today's fast-paced world and the timeless sacred traditions of old.

Carly's mission at Merkababe Designs and Ceremony by Merkababe Designs is a testament to her unwavering commitment to helping others unlock their true potential and rediscover the magic within themselves.


 What the community is saying:

"Thank you, Carly, for sharing your amazing gifts with everyone! You put your whole heart and soul into your work. Last night's meditation with your sound bath was incredibly powerful. What a powerful way to journey. I felt so light and renewed afterward. Your sound bath allowed me to fully and deeply travel in meditation and I was able to access powerful information and insights. You are a gift to this community." -Anna Lisa S

"I looked extensively for someone to work with on my spiritual path- but no one else made me feel as comfortable or enthusiastic as Carly. She has a real gift. She made me feel so comfortable and empowered. The goals she gave me are really simple and fun and are already making a deep impact on my path. I just feel like I'm not on this expedition alone anymore. She is curating each session specifically for my needs. She really cares, knows her stuff and wants to give her clients all the tools we need to be just as aligned as she is. Hiring her is the best decision I've made in a long time." -Ellie M

"Carly changed my life with sound healing. I was in a very dark place, weighed down by the world with so much worry. I needed to release a lot of toxic energy. Every time I went to see her she guided my consciousness into a peaceful meditative state. She helped me see life more clearly, I continue to have less anxiety, less stress, saw life in a more clear picture. When I left LA I still began to struggle and needed her guidance. We did over the phone sessions talking about what I was going through, also everyday actions I wanted to change. At the end of our phone conversation she would give me journal activities to do and a pre-recorded South Bath that she made uniquely just for me. Carly's sound healing helps me stay in the present moment and I always reach into a euphoric peace of mind, one that I have never experienced before. Everytime we are done with our healing sessions, I feel grounded in my body and ready to take on life more peacefully. Get ready to let go of outside influences, and distracting noises of the world and truly go inward with Carly." -Hannah R.

"Whether you’re just beginning your healing journey or well on your path, Carly is the best to go to for any tools or guidance you may need. I started going to Carly not really knowing much about what I was looking for but somehow she was able to guide me in the direction I needed to be. Ever since, I now go to Carly for all my crystal and healing needs. Her crystals are an amazing price for how beautiful they are and you can feel good knowing they were blessed and in a good home before you. Her sound healing sessions and card readings are very personal and have offered me guidance and peace in so many areas of my life. I haven’t found anyone like her. She is a true hidden gem. I would recommend Carly to anyone I know!" -Brianna H.

"If you’ve been searching for a total reset of the mind, body and soul, look no further. Carly is your girl to helping you achieve this. The sound baths she performs are transformative and the ultimate form of relaxation. Over the course of my sessions with Carly, I’ve been able to dive deeper within myself and experience healing on a new level. There are truly not enough words to describe my gratitude towards her. She is a beam of light, a  gifted healer, and a beautiful soul. Anyone who gets the pleasure of her company is blessed." -Hunter R. 

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