Chrissy: Clairvoyant & Intuitive Energy Healer

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Meet Chrissy:

A sovereign human being. A mom of 2 great young men. Intuitive and intentional in all things.
Who I am in my “work” life is the same as at any other time, but with certain skills and experience coming to the forefront. Growth through uncomfortableness happens when I welcome challenges with an open heart and mind. Healing modalities, such as energy therapies, meditation, sound healing, crystals, and oils, are integrated throughout my life and I thread them in my intuitively guided marketing business. I’m currently a 500-hour certified yoga instructor, a small business owner, and a marketing + event-planning consultant. They each draw on multiple sets of skills and the path with each is the same, “to align you with your true heart’s desires.”

While my boys were babies, I added yoga to my life. At first, it was a much needed 1.5 hours on the mat just for me. Years later, reasons for time on the mat included processing and healing from a divorce. Yoga is so meaningful for me that I became a certified yoga instructor and then founded a yoga practice in 2010, so that I can share it with others.

Being able to combine my passions with business and, most importantly, bring added value to someone’s life, is a strength. My two greatest examples of this are the yoga practice I founded and Red Thread Cashmere, a socially conscious clothing line I created, built on a platform of sustainability and support of organizations battling human trafficking.

I consistently produced quality content, conducted meaningful analysis, and managed complex logistics of event/project development, from concept to launch during my 20+ years in business development, event planning and high-level account management, with the first 5 with America Online in the high tech and online industry. Then, more recently, I chose to shift my business emphasis towards marketing and entrepreneurship, where I am now. I enjoy working with individual clients and small businesses to use my experience and intuition, to set clear intentions that are in alignment with values and purpose, which will then create external business successes. As marketing is relationship building on the surface, a genuine connection on a deeper level, my goal is to share tools that will manifest your ideal business with intention and alignment.

As a Reiki Master & Energy Healer , intuitively using gentle hand movements, my intention is to guide the flow of source energy through the body, promoting healing in mind, body & spirit. Reiki is a holistic healing modality that translates to “universal life energy.” Founded by Japanese healer Mikao Usui in the early 20th century, the term “reiki” comes from the Japanese words “rei,” meaning universal, and “ki,” which means vital life force energy that flows through all living things. I use sound, crystals, oil & I share intuitive messages.
Benefits of Reiki

Improves Flexibility
Reduces stress, anxiety and tension
Provides pain relief
Supports the immune system
Brings your Mind-Body-Spirit into alignment



15 min intro: $44
30 min session: $111
60 minute session: $222



“Chrissy has helped me so much with her reiki. I had her do sessions with me to help my hip surgery pre and post. I healed so quickly! Her intuition is incredible. She has also helped me navigate some very difficult life challenges through her reiki sessions with me. She’s the best, her intuition is spot on! I highly recommend her reiki!”

“Chrissy Roletter has been my Reiki Master, healer, mystic, and guide for many years. The energy work we do weaves into my personal life, my business, and my psychic space. She is one of the kindest souls I know and her depth of knowledge coupled with her deep gifts and intuitive nature are magnetic. It has been life changing for me.”

“Chrissy is amazingly gifted! I started seeing her and within minutes into the session, I knew she had an innate gift. She is warm, kind, highly intuitive, sensitive, and puts you at total ease. She was able to help me receive some powerful messages from a deceased loved one, and allowed me to more intimately connect with my higher self and divine purpose. Anyone who crosses paths with her is so privileged! Can’t reccomend enough!”


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