Terms and Conditions for Event & Sessions:

Terms and Conditions for Event & Sessions:

Please note that the following terms and conditions outline the responsibilities and liabilities associated with the participation in events and sessions organized by our company. It is essential for clients to review and understand these terms before participating. By engaging in our events and sessions, you acknowledge and agree to these terms:

1. Event/Sessions Description: We will provide a detailed description of the event or session, including its purpose, content, date, time, and location. It is the client's responsibility to review the provided information and ensure it meets their requirements.

2. Participant Responsibilities: Clients participating in the event or session are responsible for their own actions, decisions, and outcomes resulting from their engagement. It is the client's duty to actively engage, follow instructions, and make appropriate use of the information and guidance provided.

3. Not Professional Advice: The information, guidance, and materials presented in our events and sessions are for general informational purposes only. They do not constitute professional advice, consultation, or therapy. We do not assume responsibility for any decisions made by clients based on the information provided.

4. Liability Disclaimer: While we strive to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the information provided during our events and sessions, we cannot guarantee its absolute accuracy or applicability to every individual circumstance. We are not liable for any loss, injury, or damages, including but not limited to direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages, arising from the participation in our events and sessions.

5. Client's Health and Well-being: Clients participating in physical or strenuous activities during the event or session acknowledge that they are physically capable and healthy enough to engage in such activities. We strongly recommend that clients consult with a qualified healthcare professional before participating if they have any concerns about their health or well-being.

6. Privacy and Confidentiality: We respect the privacy of our clients. Any personal information shared during the event or session will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy. However, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information shared within group settings or during public events.

7. Changes and Cancellations: We reserve the right to modify, reschedule, or cancel events and sessions due to unforeseen circumstances or low attendance. In the event of a cancellation, we will make reasonable efforts to notify clients in advance and provide alternative options whenever possible.

8. Intellectual Property: All materials, including but not limited to presentations, handouts, recordings, and other resources, provided during the event or session are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. Clients agree not to reproduce, distribute, or modify any materials without our explicit written permission.

9. Indemnification: Clients agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any claims, losses, liabilities, or expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) arising from their participation in our events and sessions or any breach of these terms and conditions.

10. Governing Law: These terms and conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of [Jurisdiction]. Any disputes arising from these terms and conditions or the participation in our events and sessions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in [Jurisdiction].

By participating in our events and sessions, clients acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions. It is the client's responsibility to periodically review these terms, as they may be updated from time to time without prior notice.