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About Carly and Merkababe Designs


A letter to you from the CEO:

Merkababe Designs is my baby. Starting in 2015 from my love for crystals, Merkababe Designs has grown from being a small-time passion project to being my full time career. What started out from my admiration of crystals, interest in wire wrapping, and devotion to the metaphysics soon turned into an all encompassing Spiritual Shop, carrying not only my handcrafted, one-of-a-kind crystal jewelry pieces, but also stones large and small, divination tools, services, and my self published oracle deck, Invitation to the Soul's Center. 

At Merkababe Designs, our mission is to connect human beings on their spiritual path with the tools that can truly assist them in becoming their Higher Selves in the present moment! Whether you choose a crystal adornment, the oracle deck, the services, or any crystal, you can rest assured you will be well on your way to connecting deeply to your own Soul's wisdom as each and every item carried at Merkababe Designs is hand selected and crafted to energetic perfection. 

Each crystal is genuine and consciously sourced with the highest good of all at the forefront. Each piece is cleansed, cleared, and purified to ensure the most potent and high quality energy before leaving our shop. At Merkababe Designs, we not only use high quality materials, but we also practice high quality energetic practices daily to guarantee the most pristine spiritual integrity for all of our soulmate clients. 

Merkababe is a cheeky spin off of the sacred geometrical figure the MERKABA, translated into MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. The Merkaba is the vehicle of light that provides protection and transportation for our consciousness to reach higher dimensions. And that's what we are all about here at Merkababe Designs, raising the vibration and embodying higher and brighter awareness. 

We thank you for choosing Merkababe Designs and we are so honored to walk alongside you on your spiritual journey because when one rises, we all rise. Blessings to you and yours. 


-Carly Tway, CEO



Carly Tway is a multi hyphenated person. She is the owner of Merkababe Designs, an online crystal shop carrying stones, metaphysical tools and handcrafted jewelry. There are many titles she could claim but to sum it up, Carly is a mystic just like you. She has dedicated her life to spiritual exploration and the healing arts studying and recieving certifications in Sound Therapy, Vibrational Alignment, Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy and Massage, Sound Bath Experiences, Breathwork, and Meditation just to name a few. When she asked her community what they would define her title as they said:

- Spiritual Healer!
- Studies Rocks!
- Artist that makes jewelry with hand picked crystals
- Alternative Medicine Healer
- Sound Guru and Crystal Girl
- Cleopatras Personal Healer Incarnate
- Professional Fairy Princess
- Holds Space for others to Discover their own Healing Abilities
Diving head first into the spiritual realms and then sharing her findings with rawness, realness and a bit of humor is her jam. Living in Southern California with her beloved and her soulmate cat, Mr. Pinkerton, Carly leads group classes, works with students 1:1 virtually and in person, conducts transformational sessions with Sound, Vibration, Energy and Crystal Therapies, and much more.
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