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About Us

About Merkababe Designs

MerKaBabe Designs derived from, MerKaBa, the pattern in which all things & all universes have been created. Mer meaning Mind, Ka meaning Spirit, & Ba meaning Body. Wearable ART for awakened souls, designed & handmade by Carly Tway. ॐ

Early 2010, Carly met a beautiful Native American woman from the Black Mountain in Arizona, & she kindly enlightened me on the magic healing powers of crystals. Thus the journey began. After years of working with these gifts from Mother Earth, she decided to combine her personal love for crystals, alternative healing, & expression through creative design to make wearable ENERGY & ART for anyone. All pieces are handpicked, wrapped or electroformed, cleansed, and charged by Carly with the truest, most pure intention! This is her baby... MerKaBabe Designs. infinite LOVE and GRATITUDE for your support, Carly hopes her earth children bring you LIGHT in abundance. Enjoy. Namaste. ॐ

About Healing by Merkababe Designs

Carly Tway has graduated from Herbal Academy International School Of Herbal Arts and Sciences for Herbalism, Bali International Spa Academy for Crystal Healing, Light Spirit Bali College for Sound Therapy, Multidimensional School of Healing Arts and Sciences for Holistic Health, Reiki Academy of Los Angeles for Energy Healing, House of Intuition for Energy Healing and many other Teachings, University of Central Oklahoma, and Los Angeles Valley College for Philosophy, as well as trained under a Master 5D Ascension Coach for learning many different healing modalities all to be a well rounded Holistic Health Practitioner. Healing by Merkababe Designs offers services such as Sound and Vibrational Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Crystal Healing Massage, Detoxifying Foot Bath, Energy Healing, Sound Baths, Couple Healing, Chakra Alignment, Rose Water Cleansing, Aura Cleansing, Oracle Card Reading, Herbalism Consultation, Chakra Diagnostics, and Long Distance Healing. 

About Herbal Princessa by Merkababe Designs

Herbal Princessa by Merkababe Designs is the Herbalism line created and handmade by Carly Tway. As of now, it consists of a Rose Facial Spray in two sizes, Rose Facial Toner, and a Rose Oil Roll-on. WHY ROSE? The rose has long been associated with beauty, love, and the heart. Sweet, cooling, and soft like its petals, rose is also protective and fierce like its thorns. It is used as a nervine to calm nerves and irritability, soothe grief or a broken heart, allay fear, or bolster waning self-love while also establishing a protective boundary, allowing the heart to open safely on its own terms. This ability to "seal up" is reflected in rose's astringency, toning tissues to maintain moisture and hydration and staunching bleeding (a petal placed on a wound is a natural bandaid). Rose's cooling and anti-inflammatory nature soothes hot, inflamed tissues and helps to clear heat from the body. Rose water has long been held dear as a facial toner to cleanse, tone, and hydrate the skin while calming inflammatory issues such as acne. Rose petals have a sweet but slightly bitter and pungent taste, while tart rose hips are well known for their antioxidant and vitamin C content, and also contain high amounts of vitamin A. Petals and hips are extremely versatile and can be used for all agespetals can be made into cosmetics, oils, teas, elixirs, vinegars, glycerites, and tinctures, while hips can be made into powder, tea, jellies, jams, syrups.