About Carly, Merkababe Designs, & the Collective


Merkababe Designs is on a mission to awaken the magic within every soul. We believe that life is meant to be a whimsical, mystical and enchanting experience, and we are here to help you tap into your intuition, harness the healing power of sound and crystals, and create a life that is truly magical.
We know that the perceived barriers between the earthly and the spiritual can feel daunting, but at Merkababe Designs, we believe that anything is possible. We strive to create moments in time that feel like magic, moments that transport you into a new way of being, a way that is full of wonder and possibility.
Our handcrafted healing jewelry, crystals, sound therapy and energy work are all designed to help you tune into the frequency of magic that exists in and around you. We want to empower you to break free from the limitations of your mind and express yourself fully and freely.
At Merkababe Designs, we are more than just a company, we are a gateway into the magic that exists in the world. Join us on this enchanting journey, and let's create a life that is truly magical together.


A letter to you from our CEO:

Hey there, dear soulmate!
I'm the proud CEO of Merkababe Designs and I'm thrilled to share my journey with you. This little baby of mine was born out of my love for crystals, wire wrapping, and all things metaphysical. And boy, has it grown! From a small passion project in 2014 to a full-time career, Merkababe Designs has become a one-stop-shop for all your spiritual needs.
We carry my handcrafted, one-of-a-kind crystal jewelry pieces, stones, divination tools, services, and even my self-published oracle deck, Invitation to the Soul's Center. Our mission is to help you to tune into the magic, right now! Whether you choose a crystal adornment, the oracle deck, or any other tool, we guarantee that each item is energetically perfect and hand-selected with love.
Our crystals are the real deal, ethically sourced, and cleansed to perfection before they leave our shop. We don't mess around with low vibes here! We practice high-quality energetic practices daily, and we take our spiritual integrity seriously.
And let's talk about our name - Merkababe! It's a fun play on the sacred geometrical figure, the MERKABA, which translates into MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. The Merkaba is the vehicle of light that protects and transports our consciousness to higher dimensions. And that's exactly what we're all about - raising the vibration and embodying higher and brighter awareness.
We're so honored to be walking alongside you on your spiritual journey because when one rises, we all rise! Thank you for choosing Merkababe Designs - blessings to you and yours.


-Carly Tway, CEO



Meet Carly Tway, a multi-faceted force of nature! She is the visionary owner of Merkababe Designs, a treasure trove of crystal magic nestled in the heart of Laguna Beach. With a global collection of precious stones, enchanting metaphysical tools, and her own handcrafted jewelry, Carly's shop is a portal to otherworldly realms.

But that's not all! Carly is a true Rose devotee, a poet of the Akasha, and an ardent student of the Goddess. Her path as a modern mystic has led her to explore the depths of spiritual healing and the mystic arts. She has immersed herself in a wealth of practices and earned certifications in Sound Therapy, Vibrational Alignment, Somatic Trauma Therapy, Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, Massage, Sound Bath Experiences, Breath-work, and Meditation, among other transformative modalities.

Carly's greatest joy is to dive deep into the mystical realms, gather profound insights, and then share them with rawness, realness, and a healthy dose of humor. Her partner, Drew, and beloved cat, Mr. Pinkerton, share her idyllic life in Southern California, where she runs her shop, leads group classes, and works with students one-on-one in-person and virtually.

Get ready to experience transformational sessions with Carly's unique blend of Sound, Vibration, Energy, and Crystal Therapies. With her whimsical, dreamy, and empowering presence, Carly is your guide to a world of wonder and magic!

About Merkababe Collective

Welcome to the enchanting realm of the Merkababe Collective, where dreams come alive and healing takes flight. We are a carefully chosen panel of extraordinary healers, handpicked by Merkababe's founder Carly Tway herself, to craft a full spectrum support system for your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.
Within the embrace of our mystical collective, you will discover an oasis of transformative energies, where expert healers in their respective fields merge their profound wisdom with the power of crystals and the alchemy of magic. Here, we have curated a truly wondrous one-stop shop, catering to all your spiritual needs.
Immerse yourself in the tapestry of our grounded yet ethereal world, where practicality intertwines with whimsical wonder. It is within this harmonious convergence that profound healing and growth await. Our collective stands as a beacon of hope, offering a sanctuary for those seeking solace, guidance, and empowerment.
Step into this extraordinary realm, where the mundane becomes extraordinary, and the ethereal becomes tangible. With Merkababe Collective by your side, you embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary, unlocking the infinite potential within your soul. Together, let us weave the threads of magic and possibility, as we navigate the realms of emotional, physical, and spiritual awakening.
Join us in this cosmic dance, where dreams take shape and miracles unfold. Embrace the whimsy, surrender to the enchantment, and let the healing power of our collective illuminate your path. The journey begins here, and your soul is destined to soar.
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