Empyrean Splendor

Empyrean Splendor translates to a brilliant, elegant, and magnificent display of the visible heavens. And that is exactly what this collection looks and feels like. You will step into your most elegant and radiant self when you adorn yourself with a piece from Empyrean Splendor. 

This collection features over 100 never before seen styles and crystal combinations that excite the eyes and please the soul. Each crystal was hand selected, consciously sourced, and assessed for energetic integrity. I am so proud to present this collection to you all.

Each piece in this collection has been handcrafted by me through a process called electroplating. First in copper, then in 24k gold. The metals work with the stones as an amplifier of the stones natural energetic properties. The stones for each piece were creatively channeled and carefully curated into stellar combinations.