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Meet Giulia:

Hello beautiful soul! Here is the long story short about the Italian Astrologer & Designer Giulia Martello, who arrived in Laguna Beach for love!

Giulia is a creative and adventurous soul from Italy. After University, she pursued her passion for design, working in the fashion and jewelry industry for six years, traveling throughout Europe to gain inspiration and experience - we can thank Venus in Sagittarius for all this-. However, Giulia felt a pull towards something deeper and more meaningful, therefore, following her heart, she decided to leave her career behind and set off on a journey of self-discovery -Saturn returns speaking here!-. Her travels led her to Peru, where she had intended to research weaving techniques, but the universe had other plans for her. Giulia met a Californian soul whose love made her move to California -as the true Libra romantic that she is-. In Peru, Giulia also realized that her passion for Astrology could become something serious in her life, so she decided to embark on a new path, embracing her spiritual and deeper self. She took her certificate in Humanistic Astrology, which has become a powerful tool for helping others connect with their true selves without judgment and pure openness -Jupiter in Cancer present!-. We could say that Giulia's motto is "A world with talented people, and creators of their own lives, is a world full of possibilities and beauty". Therefore her mission is to use her intuition with Astrology and creativity, to help recognize the uniqueness in people and help people's souls cherish the different shapes of their personalities. Giulia's kind and compassionate nature shines through in everything she does, inspiring those around her to embrace their own journey of self-discovery -with the patience of a Taurus Moon-. She is a beautiful example of the transformative power of following your heart while embracing the unknown and her positive energy touches everyone she meets. After a few years of doing readings simply by word of mouth in Italy, in 2020 she created APARTAS (APproaching ART through AStrology) where she offers one-on-one readings and creative workshops using astrology knowledge. She is active online with her Italian community of astrology lovers. She is now starting to open herself up to the American world, especially in the Laguna Beach area where she currently lives. Do you want to experience an astrology journey with a creative, kind, deep, and empathic Italian soul? To add last but not least, Giulia became aware of the Human Design philosophy in 2019 too. As a Manifestor she is, she waited until she felt the creative urge from her spleen and after a few years of living her design, she is now introducing this wisdom and deep impact that she has in her readings too. So if you like to explore your Human Design chart and be initiated by a Manifestor, with Astrology and creative awareness, Giulia is the right one for you. What do you say? Do you want to know what the stars have to tell about you?


In a session with me, we deep dive into topics that are important for you in your current moment. (Relationships, career, family, personal talents, important decisions, etc.). My answers come from the observation of your personal birth chart (positions of the planets at the moment you were born) and the current planets' positions (personal horoscope)If you feel inspired by it, I can also observe your Human Design chart to see which wisdom and traits of it might be used in your unique life.

What are the benefits of a reading?

To confirm and give words to your intuitions and feelings and to bring clarity where you feel a bit lost or not sure on how to move next. I act as a translator between your chart (personal astral aspects) and yourself. It is not about "me telling you what to do", but about helping you define and confirm what you FEEL is right for you and your life, from an objective and different point of view which helps you to reach a full picture.

I offer you an open space where I'm a mirror for you to be able to really express yourself with the help of astrology and human design guidelines and intuitions. So that you can go back home with more confidence and tools about what to do next and how to approach life decisions. 

Astrology is a very ancient language, founded by the Babylonians and brought to us through various paths. The main beauty of it is that it represents a symbol of our being. The planets are a metaphor of our traits (Mercury our mind, the Moon our emotions, the Sun our identity, Venus our passions, Mars our actions, and so on). The zodiac signs represent how that part of ourselves will manifest itself and the astrological houses show us where in our life we should invest the most to feel satisfied. Therefore looking at a personal birth chart is like looking in a mirror full of meanings, explaining how and why we speak, love, create, and move in this world, etc. I practice Humanistic Astrology, which is the one brought forward by C. G. Jung and is the most realistic and non-predictive - which totally resonates with me since I believe in free will and in the chance of creating our future as we feel and please. Therefore I see astrology as a tool to better understand and make peace with our identity and expression, accepting the uniqueness of our nature.

Human Design was born at the end of the 80's and it brings together the knowledge of Astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah and Vedic philosophy. It is a very innovative system that helps us define the traits of our personality based on the type of energy that activates our bodies, center of strengths, way of expressing our traits and specific paths to follow while using our body awareness at its best. Our Human Design body-graph is activated by the movements of the planets, which is why I started to study it and add this knowledge to my readings and events. I find Astrology my main language but I love to integrate it with some HD definitions (like the type, the authority, the profile and the centers) which are very specific and together fulfill the personal understanding of who we are. By combining these two languages I give you the answers you are looking for.



30 min session: $111
60 minute session: $222


Joelle P., CA

“Giulia is my favorite Italian Astrologist. I love how she is genuine and easy to talk to. She is relatable with her knowledge. She doesn't try to force anything on you. She works with you and makes it personal. I´ve spent time with her one on one and at her group events. Each time is like a breath of fresh air. It's like we are learning and growing together. Thank you Giulia!"

Dani B., CA
"Giulia helped me discover answers to pieces of my life I didn’t realize I needed answers to. She is knowledgeable beyond her years and a fascinating communicator. I am blown away by her deep knowledge of astrology and human design, and how she so beautifully intertwines the two. She is an artist who dives into her creativity to better help her clients deeply understand themselves. She is someone I have come to with many different situations and has guided me to answers for each. I also had Giulia provide readings to a small group event and everyone loved their time spent with her. I highly recommend her services and am grateful our paths crossed!"

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