Full Moooon Vibes 3/20

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I'm just gonna come out and say it... This retrograde has absolutely ripped my world apart. I hope this Mercury Retrograde is treating you better, but if its not and you're struggling deeply too, know you're not alone. 
This is a perfect time for some RELEASE!!! Thank you Full Moon. This Full Moon will happen on Wednesday March 20th. 
Read this excerpt from Astrologer Jan Spiller if you want a little more info on what to expect:
"Wednesday, March 20, 9:43 pm - EDST, is the FULL MOON exact day and time in MARCH! Don’t miss this chance to become aware of any underlying frustrations you feel in your relationships.
There is an opportunity for insight and progress inherent in the Full Moon. People often react emotionally during the days of the Full Moon due to a feeling of helplessness. They become aware of the distance between the way they want their life to be, and the way it currently is.
Often, when they see this gap, they become upset. The reflection from their environment shows them a realistic view of their relationships. The feeling of powerlessness comes from awareness of the discrepancy between the way you would like things to be, and the way they actually are. The empowerment is that, once aware, you have the chance to change things successfully.
Because this FULL MOON occurs in the sign of LIBRA, you will be feeling a desire for harmony. You may become aware of any contradictions between the beauty and diplomacy that help you feel emotionally balanced, versus any roughness in your environment that may be disrupting your inner balance. During the three days around this Full Moon, you can see where you need to make changes in an important relationship. Once aware of your interaction, how can you best adjust your approach so that you can more successfully experience the harmony and grace that you need to feel peaceful?
This is a powerful time (3/19 - 3/21) for reevaluating the new beginnings you made during the New Moon earlier this month. Re-read your wish list and notice how where you are now is either closer to--or further away from--the dreams in your heart that you would like to manifest in your life.
Given that this Full Moon is in the sign of LIBRA--opposing the Sun in ARIES--there will be a certain emotional restraint present. People will be feeling a desire to keep harmony above everything else. However, if their sense of justice is disturbed, an angry response is definitely a possibility. There can be an impatience triggered if they feel you haven’t been “fair” with them, even an outburst you didn’t expect. Should this occur, showing them how the situation has been fair for everyone involved will help to calm the waters. If, in fact, you discover unfair circumstances, it will be great timing to even the scales."
You can find more info on Jan on her website www.janspiller.com.
So hopefully that gives you a little insight on what could come up for you this week! It's always a good idea to make a list of what you want to release on paper and ceremoniously burn it! That's what I'll be doing for sure. 
Blessings on Blessings on Blessings, 

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