The Ultimate Lifehack

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Alright... I'm here to share a secret with you... let's call it the ULTIMATE LIFEHACK! 

Ya know when it seems like everything in your life is off? Like when it rains, it pours? What if I told you it was all your fault? Does that make you mad? Make you want to stop reading? Well don't. I'm here to share with you why... and how to flip the switch.

The way the the Universe works is like a constant feedback loop. So whatever you're putting into your loop (thoughts, emotions, words, actions, what you're reading/scrolling through), you're going to get back... 

Your feedback loop looks like this...

If you constantly think negative thoughts, worry and fret about everything, or judge yourself and others, that lower vibrational energy is all that's going into your loop... so the universe is going to match that and provide more of the same. 

Essentially, you are doing it to yourself. Stop blaming outside forces for your shitty life situations, & take responsibility for your life... 

After you've realized you're actively creating your reality... You can cancel out that negativity you've placed within your field by stopping and appreciating what's around you... if you are feeling pain, direct your energy to thank the pain because it now sheds light on just how good it feels when you're not in pain. Appreciate what is around you, what smells, tastes, feels good? Think about that. Start filling your loop with only that in which sparks joy, healing, gratitude within you, and then begin to see, feel, know, experience the almost instantaneous shift right before your eyes. 

Now some things, like big traumatic life events, childhood traumas, etc etc, I believe, are predestined contracts you signed before incarnating on Earth, for the purpose of experience, learning and growth. Those situations are unavoidable, but ALWAYS in your best interest. Nonetheless, you still did it to yourself.

So simply, take responsibility for your life, become aware of what you're putting into your feedback loop, and live the life you've always desired.  

I hope this has inspired you as much as this information has inspired me.

Blessings on Blessings on Blessings,


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