New Moon Energy: March 6! HOW TO TAKE ACTION!

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Just as anything, the moon's phases bring forth different energies. As a basic rule, everything is energy, we know this. Basic physics. So when the moon is restarting it's cycle, the New Moon, it brings energy of renewal to the planet. 
This time is perfect for setting new intentions and getting REALLY clear on what its is you desire to bring into your life. The Universal Law Of Attraction loves crystal clear desires. 

Make a list of what it is you desire!

This is the fun part. Get really specific. Watch your wording. Instead on focussing on releasing what it is you don't want, focus on what it is you DO want. So instead of saying, "I want to let go of toxic people" say "I deeply desire to bring in people that are in alignment with my truest self now." 

Say it out loud, & MEAN IT!

Manifesting works best when you say it aloud with some conviction, preferably in a freshly cleansed sacred space during your New Moon Ceremony. Desires backed by emotions carry a heavier weight than desires just read and tossed aside. Take some time to feeeeeeellllll into why you want what you want. Picture the outcome, feel those feelings, and speak it into existence. 

Now Let Go, Listen, and GET WHAT YOU WANT!

This is the hard part for most people. We spend so much time justifying why we want something, worrying about how, and getting anxious about when, that we fill up all the space in our energy field with worries and in turn, can't hear the whispers and the opportunities that are going to get us what we want.
We just have to let go and trust the process, easier said than done, so when you catch yourself getting caught up in the how's, why's, and when's, tune back into the feelings of the outcome as if it already happened. Transport yourself to the place where your desires are already a reality... because they are. Time ain't linear, people.
Blessings on Blessings on Blessings,



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