Magical Illuminada Potions

Potions are made with organic ingredients and packaged in glass bottles that have been cleansed with incense. Each spray bottle receives sound healing from a Venus planetary Gong and Quartz Singing Bowls attuned for each chakra. Prior to shipment a prayer is made to the universe for blessings for the recipient.

Abundance Potion Mint Water, Wild Orange Essential Oil, Green Aventurine Crystal, Red Aventurine Crystal. Spray on yourself daily to invite abundance into your life in exciting and surprising ways.

Examples of use: Mist your space to attract all types of abundance such as more tips, good parking, gied items, and more.

Balance Potion Crystals for the 7 Chakras, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Green Aventurine,

Lapis Lazuli, Turquiose, and Amethyst, are bathed in Florida Water. This is sprayed as a blessing and an offering to anoint the body and attract good fortune and benevolent spirits.

Examples of use: Mist on your yoga mat before and aer practices or healings.

Bitch Be Gone Potion – Orange Blossom Water, Palo Santo Essential Oil, Obsidian Crystal. This is our most sought-aer spray. Shake and spray to see what magically leaves your space.

Examples of use: Mist your space before going somewhere you know others will have bitchy energy (like Target), or mist on yourself if you’re feeling bitchy to lessen the feeling.

Bullshit Be Gone Potion Pussy Willow Water, Vanilla and Coconut Essential Oils, Chalcedony

Crystals. Promotes speaking the truth clearly and authentically with grace and ease. BS dissipates opening a path for communication, self-expression rises and clarity.

Examples of use: Mist your space before going into negotiations or important discussions so you and others involved can speak your truth.

Calm the Fuck Down Potion Lavender and Chamomile buds are mixed with Lavender and Cedarwood essential oils in Mount Shasta headwaters. Just breathe in the calm.

Examples of use: Perfect to use as a pillow spray, mist your space or mat before going into a healing or yoga practice, or if you or someone you know truly just needs to calm the fuck down.

Manifest Potion – Hedysasum Water with Cypress &Myrrh Essential Oil, Citrine Crystals charged for manifesting

Examples of use: Mist your journal including intentions and manifesations, altar, and candles to help strengthen the energy.

Purify Potion – is made with Mint Water and Lavender and Frankincense essential oils with Amethyst crystals. This combination drives out negativity and invites tranquility and purity.

Examples of use: Mist your space to cleanse yourself of others’ energy or negative energy (wonderful for empaths). Also a wonderful pillow spray to help encourage sweet dreams. Pairs perfectly with Protection.

Protection Potion –Frankincense which is known for grounding and protection is bathed in the strength of Pussy Willow Water with obsidian and clear quartz for additional protection.

Examples of use: Mist your space to protect self from others’ energy (wonderful for empaths). Pairs perfectly with Purify.

Self-Love & Beauty Potionis made with Rose Water, Geranium Essential Oil with Rose Quartz

crystals. This combination amplifies the physical beauty of the user and encourages self-care and nurturing of self.

Examples of use: Mist your space to encourage your self love. Wonerful to use when getting ready for the day or winding down for the evening.

**** Please shake each bottle and close your eyes before spraying ****
**** Do not use it if allergic to components; it is for external use only. Do not inhale ****