Astrology with Giulia
Astrology with Giulia

Astrology with Giulia

Who is Giulia?
Giulia is an Italian artist and astrologer who explores the mysteries of the cosmos to illuminate her clients path with celestial insights and creative tools. "I love a world full of souls who are authentic in their self-expression" she says. 

WHY did she choose astrology?
Because she finds it to be a wonderful language that helps us to identify ourselves through macrocosmic symbols reflecting our personal microcosm.

She has always been fascinated by it, since it helps to feel at home in our own body with our unique personality. So Giulia find astrology to be a  wonderful TOOL that offers us countless insights to find order, confirmations, and personal recognition in living true to our uniqueness

What is the benefit of a reading?

To confirm and give words to your intuitions and feelings.

Giulia offers you an open space where she is a mirror for you to be able to really express  yourself with the help of astrology guidelines.  So that you can go back to your life with more confidence and tools about what to do next and how to take life decisions.

Giulia's motto is "A world with talented people, creators of their own lives, is a world full of possibilities and beauty" and therefore her mission is to use her intuition with Astrology and creativity, to help recognize the uniqueness in people and help people's souls cherish the different shapes of their personalities.  

Type of readings:
*LOVE and RELATIONSHIP (moon, venus, jupiter and the 7th House)
*WORK and CAREER (Saturn, 2th, 6th and 10th House)
*KARMIC WOUNDS (Chiron, Lilith, Lunar Node and your soul path)
*A YEAR AHEAD (12 months with the 12 signs connected to your personal flow)
*TALENTS & CREATIVITY (Giulia intuition by overlooking all your planets)
*FREE TOPIC (you ask me anything you desire)

Ps Giulia is also familiar with Human Design, so IF REQUESTED, she can compare the 2 charts and give you hints on the Human Design profile, center, and types. It would not be like a human design specialist, but more as an implement to the astrology birth chart.


Mini-clarity session (30 mins) $111

Deep-dive clarity session (60 mins) $222

Spring is blooming right now, so let's dive into what the upcoming astrological year has in store for you. Discover the cosmic blueprint waiting to unfold and co-create your destiny!

Embrace shadows, ignite awareness. Let's delve into the transformative energies of eclipse season, guiding you to work with, not against, the hidden aspects of yourself. Where balance is most needed in your life? 

From April 3rd to 26th, Mercury will be retrograde in Aries, urging your voice to be bold, unapologetic, and fearless. Harness this energy consciously. Where in your life do you need this bold push the most?