Angel Aura Spirit Quartz Clusters

Spirit Quartz is a crystal of harmony and alignment. It takes all the energy of the base crystal (Quartz in this case), and amplifies it over and over again in all the tiny points on the surface. Known to be extremely high vibrational, Aura Spirit Quartz is spiritually uplifting and activates all the energy in your body upwards and outward. It facilitates bonding, healing, peace, and reduces jealousy and resentment.

Representative of the angelic realm, Angel Aura Quartz is an ethereal crystal that carries nothing but peace, love, and connection to the divine. It reminds you of your innate goodness and purity and transmutes negativity into positivity.

Aura on a crystal is simply a form of alchemy! They are made through a technique that electro-statically bonds metals and minerals (like platinum, titanium, gold, silver, etc..) to the base crystal. The crystals are placed into a chamber that is heated up to 800 degrees Celsius, and then the Aura is added until its atoms bond to the surface of the crystal. Aura is extremely high vibrational and is known to intensify the energy of the base crystal, plus bring in new fresh energy.


Is associated with the heart and crown chakras.