Meet the Woman behind Merkababe Designs!!!

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Firstly, I hope everyone had a lovely time over the holidays! The main theme for me during that time is love, so whether you spent your days with family, friends or yourself- I hope your cup was filled all the way up with love of all kinds...and if not, I'M SENDING YOU AN ABUNDANCE OF LOVE because you, just as anyone else, deserve it. Allow yourself to receive!
Secondly, I hope everyone feels rested, renewed and ready to have the most incredible 2019!!! The energy of this year is the energy of awakening and THE SHIFT! Whether you've already awakened to your souls purpose and you're set to be a teacher, you've begun your awakening process but you're still figuring it out, or you've got no idea what I'm talking about- you will feel the shift this year! I cannot wait to get into information about the awakening process and the big shift in later blog posts! Soon!
Lastly, I'd like to officially welcome you to the MerkaBLOG!!! I plan to publish blog posts on anything and everything within my realm on Mondays! Let's call it Merkababe Mondays. S'cute. 
So without further ado, let's meet the artist... the blogger... the holistic practitioner... the woman behind Merkababe Designs!!!

Hi! I'm Carly! 

I'm a 20-something year old woman residing in Los Angeles, California. I'm the real human making all your jewelry, answering all your emails, updating the website, conducting the healing sessions, writing the blog posts and whatever else Merkababe does or will do!
I think it's super important for you guys to know that everything that goes into this business is done by a real person! I pick out each crystal used in the jewelry in person, design, craft, and electroplate each piece, cleanse and clear the stones, and pack and ship all your orders! All of that ensures you that each piece is cared for deeply and massive amounts of love goes into each and every step of the process!
I feel that my purpose on this Earth is to be of service by helping people find and implement all the tools, techniques, and information they need to step into their soul's true identity, heal, and begin to lift the vibration of the planet!
Whether it be through crystal jewelry, books, healing sessions, blog posts, videos, etc etc- I will do my best to bring you all the information that has helped me as well as whatever new information I stumble upon that could potentially be of assistance!
I am so grateful for the all of the support you guys have given and continue to give me by wearing your Merkababe pieces, liking and reposting posts, and telling your friends about Merkababe Designs! I truly hope these crystal pieces, healing sessions, and blog posts etc can help you along your journey back to self. I wish for you all to see, know and embody the actual DIVINE MIRACLE that you are and always have been. 
Blessings on Blessings on Blessings, 


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