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What do you get the dreamers, the seekers, the healers, the wanderers, and the wonderers in our lives?! 

Do not fret, I have compiled a sure-fire list of amazing goodies to wow the beloved spiritualists in our lives, better yet, go ahead and forward this to your loved ones so they know what to shower YOU in this holiday season! Gift giving is my love language so rest assured, you're in great hands. 
1.) What better gift to give our loved ones on the healing journey than a personalized Sound Bath made specifically for their needs! 

This gift would include your choice of either a 10 minute or a 20 minute Sound Bath composed and recorded with all of their healing, manifesting, releasing desires wrapped inside. 

You will receive a beautiful print out to give to them explaining the process, and they will receive a calendar link to my booking calendar to book their Sound Alchemy Session over Zoom to chat about their needs, goals, and desires, and then I will compose and record a Sound Bath based on their needs and email it to them to have forever!
2.) Next we have a gift for our seers, psychics, and readers of the bunch, the Invitation to the Soul's Center oracle deck, written and created by me! And the kicker? This deck has a corresponding Sound Bath album of 11 guided meditations and sound baths that go with the cards! 

This not-like-the-rest oracle deck is designed to help you strengthen your intuition, assist you in relying on your own inner wisdom, and EMPOWER you on your spiritual mission. Each card has a beautiful, activating illustration and a message for you. The guidebook offers an extensive meaning for each card and includes varied multi card spreads for you to try. The Sounds of The Soul Sound Bath Portal, specifically created for this deck, will take you even deeper into the void of creation to meet your Highest Self and integrate within you the wisdom of your Soul’s Essence. 

This oracle deck can be purchased alone or as a bundle with the Sound Bath Portal! 
3.) Our third suggestion is the gift of beauty and by beauty I mean a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece of healing crystal jewelry from Merkababe Designs. 
Each piece of Merkababe Designs jewelry has been handcrafted by me through a process called electroplating. First in copper, then, depending on the desired outcome, in 24k gold. The metals work with the stones as an amplifier of the stones natural energetic properties. The stones for each piece were creatively channeled and carefully curated into stellar combinations. 
4.) Our next gift is for those who like things less airy-fairy and more divine masculine. This gift is sacred, and by sacred, I mean sacred geometry

These pieces will for sure wow anyone who's into expressing their spiritual side.

These pieces feature sacred geometry and that means they depict the sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality; found in music, light, cosmology.

Now if that doesn't send them into a portal of gratitude, I don't know what will. 
5.) Ah, the gift of energy! For all our crystal lovers out there, I see you, I am you. This is our jam.

At Merkababe Designs, there is something for literally everyone. 

Do they love huge, statement crystals, or are they more into smaller pocket stones? Either way, you'll find both, and every size in between.

Each crystal is genuine and consciously sourced with the highest good of all at the forefront. Each piece is cleansed, cleared, and purified to ensure the most potent and high quality energy before leaving the shop. Now that's a high vibe gift! 
6.) Our final gift is for the seekers, our wonderers, our curious loved ones!

Last but definitely not least, our sixth suggestion, the gift of knowledge. You can gift the Crystalline Clarity Essentials to all those who love further learning! 
The Crystalline Clarity Essentials is a 7 class transformation where you will learn the fundamentals of working with crystals BEYOND what you can find on “Google”. Full of soul searching, experience, REAL life stories and potent practices that will leave you feeling grounded, clear, and confident about working with crystals. This transformation is literally designed to activate the inner radiance within you while using crystals, but also life in general.
So there you have it, my 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for all those spiritualists in our lives! Click on the photo to access the specific gifts, otherwise happy giving!

Now like I said before, if this list is right up your alley, go ahead and forward this email to your loved ones so they know exactly what you've got your eye on this Holiday season! 

Happy Holidays from your favorite crystal lady, and many many blessings to you and yours! 

With love,
Carly of Merkababe Designs

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