5 Simple Things to Change Your Life

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5 Simple Things to Change Your Life

What if there were just 5 simple, small shifts you could make to your day that absolutely changed your entire life for the better? 

I'm happy to reveal, there absolutely are! I have made these 5 tiny shifts to my own life, and now I am living noticeably more aligned each and everyday, as well as experiencing way less feelings of stress and anxiety.

#1: MOVEMENT! More often than not it’s a bike ride to the ocean or dancing in the house, but either way it has shifted everything for me. Not only is it amazing for your body, but it also was a game changer in regulating my emotional state as well! I notice I experience significantly less anxiety on the days I get moving!

#2: Magic & Meditation! By magic, I just mean something mystical. Whether that means pulling cards from my oracle decks or tarot decks, or working with crystals, I add something that reminds me of the magic of synchronicity. Then I will meditate on whatever magic I just partook in! Sometimes it’s 5 minutes, sometimes it’s an hour, but it has definitely kept me curious and consistent, and my mental state is much more expansive because of it!

#3: Journaling! We all have this innate ability to tap in to our own inner knowing and receive answers about ourselves, our lives, our behaviors, and our patterns. This is an important introspection piece that really helps me see what behaviors/patterns I may be carrying out that are holding me back. Amazing tool for personal growth!

#4: Reading! Replacing scrolling with reading has totally shifted my creativity and energy levels. Scrolling and taking in all that stimuli through content and just the blue light itself was so draining for me. Reading has brought my childlike imagination back online and has made my meditations and dreams so much more vivid since working that muscle again, instead of mindlessly consuming.

#5: Space for silence! This is last but it’s the most important one for me. Like reading, space for silence has been a vital piece of my creativity shifting. With more space for silence, there is now uninterrupted moments where ideas, thoughts, insights flood to me freely without the distraction of noises, videos, or other peoples ideas derailing the train of thought!

So there you have it, my 5 simple, yet effective tips to change your life! 

I expand upon this list in my free training in the Crystalline Confidence Community, so make sure you're a part of the group so you don't miss it! 

Happy Holidays from your favorite crystal lady, and many many blessings to you and yours! 

With love,
Carly of Merkababe Designs

I am Carly, owner of MERKABABE DESIGNS CRYSTALS AND JEWELRY , and I am here to help You access your highest and brightest self through Crystals and Spiritual Practices.

I am certified in Sound Therapy, Vibrational Alignment, Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, Massage, Sound Bath Experiences, Breath-work, and Meditation SO you can feel Crystalline Confident that you're in good hands!


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