Magical Goddess Potions
Magical Goddess Potions
Magical Goddess Potions
Magical Goddess Potions
Magical Goddess Potions
Magical Goddess Potions
Magical Goddess Potions
Magical Goddess Potions

Magical Goddess Potions

Embrace ancient wisdom and the rise of divine feminine energies with this collection of magical potions inspired by powerful goddesses. Each elixir beckons with transformative knowledge and celestial calm and radiates inner beauty. Each potion, carefully crafted to embody the essence of its goddess, offers a unique enchantment. Spritz away from the body, indulge, and allow the magic to unfold, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery, protection, and divine connection. Choose one, two, or all to invoke different energies into your home, space, or ceremony. These potions are perfect to work into your spiritual repertoire however you'd like them to! 

Lineage of the Rose: The Marys' Love and Healing Potion

 – Rose Water, Rose Oil, and Rose Quartz. Let its enchanting essence embrace you, bringing forth the magic of love's healing touch.

Moonlit Goddess Magic: Goddess Cerridwen's Harmony and Inspiration Potion

- Crystals for the 7 Energy Centers, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, and Amethyst, bathed in Florida Water. Let its enchantment guide you on your journey of profound change.

Guardian of the Threshold: Goddess Inanna's Boundary Potion 

Orange Blossom Water, Palo Santo Essential Oil, Obsidian Crystal.   Allow its magic to weave a protective web, shielding your energy and aligning your spirit with sacred boundaries.

Power of the Priestess: Goddess Isis' Inner Sight Potion 

– Pussy Willow Water, Vanilla and Coconut Essential Oils, Chalcedony Crystals. Let the veil lift, and may your vision transcend the ordinary.

Divine Tranquil Embrace: Goddess Hathor's Calming Potion 

Lavender and Chamomile buds are mixed with Lavender and Cedarwood essential oils in Mount Shasta headwaters Let the soothing essence surround you, bringing a magical embrace of calm and relaxation.

Cosmic Dreamweaver: The Great Cosmic Mother's Manifestation Potion 

Hedysasum Water with Cypress and Myrrh Essential Oil, Citrine Crystals charged for manifesting. Let the enchantment unfold, aligning the cosmic forces to swiftly bring your desires into reality.

Sacred Pure Essence: Goddess Freya's Purification Potion 

Mint Water and Lavender and Frankincense essential oils with Amethyst crystals.  Let the magic within create a sacred aura, washing away negativity and bringing purity to mind and spirit.

Shadow Shield: Goddess Morrigan's Protection Potion

–Frankincense, which is known for grounding and protection, is bathed in the strength of Pussy Willow Water with obsidian and clear quartz for additional protection. Feel its magic envelop you, creating a sacred shield to ward off negativity and illuminate your path with divine safety.

Mirror of Venus: Goddess Aphrodite's Self-Love & Beauty Potion

– Rose Water with Vanilla and Geranium Essential Oils and Carnelian and Rose Quartz CrystalsLet its enchantment weave a radiant embrace, allowing your essence to blossom in the glow of divine beauty.

Potions are made with organic ingredients and packaged in glass bottles that have been cleansed with incense. Each spray bottle receives sound healing from a Venus planetary Gong and Quartz Singing Bowls attuned for each chakra. Prior to purchase, a prayer is made to the Great Cosmic Mother & Goddesses for blessings for the recipient.

**** Please shake each bottle and close your eyes before spraying ****
**** Do not use it if allergic to components; it is for external use only. Do not inhale ****