1:1 Signature Session
1:1 Signature Session
1:1 Signature Session

1:1 Signature Session

Welcome back to yourself. 

Your ancient self, the You beyond your years. 

In this session, you will glide into a relaxed state as the crystal singing bowls guide you into meditation. The gongs will help to release the blocks, limitations, and that which doesn't belong to induce a sense of calm in the mind. The on-the-body 7 metal alchemy bowls will restore the vibratory balance of your physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies. Finally, with the combination of these modalities, in conjunction with the power of crystals, an inner experience will be ignited. 

You will walk away feeling rejuvenated, clear, and embodied in your most aligned self, your Higher Self. 


What's included:

- 1 hour personalized session

- Sound bath with crystal bowls, gongs, chimes, etc

- Vibrational alignment with 7 metal alchemy bowls

- Energy work

- Crystal therapy

- Oracle card reading

- Aftercare/recap of the session

- And more...