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Here at Merkababe Designs, we want to be the "one stop shop" for all aspects of your spiritual awakening! 
That's why in addition to our handmade healing crystal jewelry, we offer Healing Sessions for all of our Southern California clients!
All Healing sessions are lead by our one and only jewelry artist, Carly. She offers an array of treatments such as, but not limited to Sound Therapy (similar to a sound bath, but more personalized), Sound Baths, Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, and Oracle Card Readings. 
Carly graduated from Bali International Spa Academy for Crystal Healing and massage, Light Spirit Bali College for Sound Therapy, Multidimensional School of Healing Arts and Sciences for Holistic Health, and Reiki Academy of Los Angeles for Energy Healing.
Carly is also currently attending Nassim Haramein's Resonance Academy for Unified Physics, House of Intuition for Energy Healing and many other Teachings, and has also attended University of Central Oklahoma, and Los Angeles Valley College for Philosophy, as well as trained under a Master 5D Ascension Coach for learning many different healing modalities all to be a well rounded Holistic Health Practitioner.

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One on one Healing Sessions:

2/17 Sound Bath (Laguna Beach)

3/20 Sound Bath (Los Angeles)

A list of all services offered by Healing by Merkababe Designs are as follows: Sound and Vibrational Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Crystal Healing Massage, Detoxifying Foot Bath, Energy Healing, Sound Baths, Couple Healing, Chakra Alignment, Rose Water Cleansing, Aura Cleansing, Oracle Card Reading, and Chakra Diagnostics. 
Blessings on Blessings on Blessings,

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