Session with Lorraine

Session with Lorraine

Life Activation:
Your DNA contains the blueprint for who you are – physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.
Initially, the Life Activation was used as a rite of passage in the ancient mystery school traditions to activate high priests and priestesses, prophets, and oracles. Handed down from the time of King Salomon, this activation will give you deeper and clearer access to the true knowledge of who you are and your life purpose. It is offered to help individuals move into their full empowerment and fulfill their life work and destiny.
Benefits of a Life Activation:
- Enables you to bring in and hold more Light in your physical body and aura
- Empowers you to bring forth dormant talents and abilities to maximize your potential
- Enables you to have more energy
- Brings more clarity into your life
- Strengthens your immune system
- Assists in releasing unconscious patterns stored in the physical body and aura
- Increases a greater utilization of your brain capacity
- Facilitates clearing of many family and genetic karmic patterns
- Creates a heightened opening for ongoing connection with your Higher Self
Cord Cutting:
Free yourself from the negative emotional cords from family, friends and relationships and then re-connect in a conscious and healthy way. This modality cuts the cords to all emotional attachments, negative energy, relationship cords of all kinds, and material attachments. If you feel yourself being drained or having repeated negative spiraling thoughts that involve a person or situation, you could benefit heavily from a cord cutting. Bring yourself and your energy back to a state of positivity by ridding yourself of energetic pulls. 
The Emotional Cord Cutting process eliminates all Negative Emotional Bonds by severing the psychic cords attached to the energy body, from your third eye to your feet.
This can also be done for relationships or people you love. Cord cuttings do not eliminate the positive bonds you have with children, family members, friends or loved ones.



Intro session (15 minutes): $33

Cord Cutting (30 mins) $144

Life Activation (90 mins) $395


Lorraine began her metaphysical studies over a decade ago in California before she moved to London, UK where she continued her training for 13 years. She is an initiated Guide, Life Activation Practitioner, Kabbalist, Initiated Celtic Shaman and Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon, trained through the Modern Mystery School. 

She previously ran corporate meditation sessions in London and Europe for multi-national listed companies. Her training, skills and expertise help employees in the corporate world de-stress in high-pressure, fast-paced working environments. 

In addition to her work in the Modern Mystery School and corporate settings, Lorraine is passionate about raising awareness of the importance of organ donation in the UK and USA through her TedxTalk titled “Too Sick to Speak: How Conversation Saved My Life”. She is passionate about giving hope to others that are beginning their healing journey after physical illness and trauma.