Group Sound Baths: January 2024

Group Sound Baths: January 2024

Step into the ethereal realm of Merkababe, where enchantment awaits as we embark on a celestial voyage through the captivating power of sound. Prepare to surrender yourself to a dreamlike experience that will transport you to the depths of tranquility and ignite the embers of your innermost desires.

Allow the resplendent melodies of the crystal singing bowls to serenade your senses, gently coaxing your body into a state of sublime relaxation. With each resonant note, you'll feel the weight of the world melt away as your muscles unwind and release their tension, paving the way for a profound journey within.

Guided by the soothing cadence of a meditative voice, you'll find solace in the stillness of your mind, freeing it from the relentless chatter of everyday life. Like a soft breeze caressing your thoughts, tranquility will descend upon you, guiding you to a place of clarity and inner peace.

In this mystical sanctuary, the enchanting harmonies of the gongs will envelop you, stirring the depths of your soul. Their reverberations will awaken dormant energies within you, illuminating hidden realms of self-discovery and transformation. Enhanced by the radiant energy of high vibrational crystals from far-flung corners of the Earth, the celestial symphony will reach new heights, offering a profound and immersive sound bath experience.

For approximately 45 minutes, you will find yourself cocooned within the intimate confines of Merkababe Designs Crystal and Jewelry boutique, a sacred space meticulously curated to nurture your spiritual journey. As the clock strikes 7:15, our ethereal odyssey will commence, beckoning you to arrive a few minutes early and settle into the embrace of serenity.

Please remember to bring along a treasured yoga mat or a cozy surface to rest upon, inviting comfort and support as you surrender to the blissful melodies. A small pillow or blanket will cocoon you in warmth, while an eye mask shall shroud your senses, amplifying the ethereal experience that awaits. Within our intimate gathering, space is limited, so ensure you secure your place in this transcendental odyssey.

And, dear dreamer, should inspiration stir your soul, let the ink of your aspirations flow freely onto the pages of a journal. For in this celestial gathering, each thought and insight holds immeasurable value. Let your spirit soar, unburdened by the limitations of the world, and embrace the limitless possibilities that unfold within the realms of dreams and awakening.

Join us, as we embark on this celestial symphony of the senses, and let the ethereal vibrations guide you towards the luminous path of self-discovery and profound transformation.





WHERE: 1031 S Coast Hwy


WHY: We believe that spiritual growth is not limited to personal development but also includes our collective evolution, bringing the magic of the spiritual realm into everyday life. Through our approach, we seek to inspire and empower individuals to explore the vast potential of their spiritual selves, making spirituality practical and accessible to all.


By purchasing a ticket, you agree to the terms and conditions linked here.
The gathering happens inside the Merkababe Designs shop in Laguna Beach. 

Limited spots are available. Must be prepaid and preregistered, and if you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so 24 hours before so we can offer your spot to someone else! No refunds for late cancellations.


To be added to the waitlist, cancel, or reschedule, please email:

SUPPORT@MERKABABEDESIGNS.COM or call us at (405)562-0071

Email us for longer Sound Bath options, Private Groups, or 1:1 healing sessions.