Flint & Onyx Arrowhead on Black Vegan Leather

This crystal was handpicked, smudged, charged and electroformed by Carly and her momma.

The jewelry piece is electroformed with solid copper a process which usually takes 12 to 24 hours. Then a patina is applied and sealed. To further preserve your jewelry Do not submerge your piece in water or shower with it on. XOXO 


Flint & Onyx

“Stone of Divine Inspiration & Manifestation”

Flint will assist in making the frequency shift essential for manifesting spiritual inspirations into the physical.Flint, a stone of amazing power and intensity that brings the highest possible spiritual frequencies down into the physical world through manifestation. It grounds the etheric body more completely into the physical plane of reality. This will effect, both, the consciousness of the self and the consciousness of life force energy. People dealing with flighty perceptions of reality will benefit greatly from this stones ability to bring one’s focus back into the physical world.Flint is beneficial to those involved in channeling, card reading, mediumship and the like.Flint, also, has the ability to bring one’s etheric and astral bodies into better resonance with the physical body and the conscious self. In return, this will effect one’s intuition and psychic abilities to enhance the clarity of all information received. This will enable one to become more consciously aware in comprehending any information being sensed from the astral body and perceived by the physical body. Flint allows conscious mental comprehension of unutterable spiritual truth.

Flint facilitates a two-way energy flow – from the earth up into the physical body and auric field. 

RANDOM FACT: Contains the properties of Chalcedony and has been known to the ancient tribes as a stone producing protective energy.