Merkaba Pendulums

These pendulums are Clear Quartz with a Merkaba made of assorted stones.

Pendulums are a wonderful tool to access your own intuition through muscle testing.

How To Use Your Pendulum:

Step One: Center yourself. You can do this by simply breathing with the intention of letting stress out. You can make it more of a ritual by lighting candles, putting on some zen music, or diffusing essential oils, etc... Relax — the point here is to quiet your mind so you'll be able to connect with your Higher Self more easily.

Step Two: Connect to the pendulum. Sit with your pendulum. Find a comfortable place for you to sit and begin to relax. Hold the pendulum in your hand. Take a look at it. Respect it. To connect even further, I like to hold the pendulum in a fist by my heart for just a few seconds.

Step Three: Establish a connection and identify your "Yes" and "No." You need to learn what your body's "yes" and "no" responses are. To establish this, hold the pendulum 6-8 inches above the palm of your hand. Begin to ask simple yes/no questions that you know the answers to, and see what the responses are. (I like to say "My name is..."). Take note of what happens for each response.

Step Four: Ask your questions. This is the easy part, but you must keep in mind that the pendulum can only answer simple yes/no questions. If you ask something that isn't directly a yes or no, your answer won't be clear!

And that's it!