Personalized Sound Bath & Phone Consultation

Personalized Sound Bath & Phone Consultation

This is for all of you who want to experience Sound therapy, but you're out of state or too busy to come in! 

This session consists of a phone consult where we discuss your goals, what's going on, and what you want to release or bring into your space. We will discuss ways in which you can align yourself to what it is you desire in addition to the healing sound bath  

I will then record a 30 min personalized sound bath based off the information I collected via the phone consult! 

You will get your sound bath emailed to you and you can have it forever! 

I recommend only listening to your sound bath 3 times the first week, then 2 times the second week, then once or as needed the following weeks. 

Listening to your sound bath every day can mess with your circadian rhythms so i do not recommend daily use. 



* Reduced Blood Pressure 

* Reduced Heart and Respiration Rates 

* Reduced Depression 

* Reduced Migraines 

* Reduced Pain 

* Increased Oxygen Intake 

* Increased Sleep for people suffering from Sleep Disorders 

* 25% Decrease in Cortisol Levels (Stress Levels) 

* Increased Immune Cell Activity 

* Increased Brain Functioning through Spatial ICt testing 

*Higher Statistical Odds of Recovering from Illnesses and Diseases like Cancer

-Raises the vibrational frequency of the body, Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing Connection to one's life purpose