What the heck even is a Vogel?

Vogel crystals are quartz crystals that are cut with extreme precision to the findings and teachings of Mark Vogel (1917-1991). These healing crystals are cut in a way that maximizes the collection, amplification, and transmission of Universal energy.

In order to be considered a Vogel, the crystal:

  • Must be NATURAL quartz.
  • Must be hand cut to precision with proper intent.
  • Must be double-terminated.
  • Must be cut completely aligned with the C-axis of the quartz crystal.
  • The receptive end of the crystal (the larger end point) must be faceted to create an angle of 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 51 seconds (the same angles as the side of the Great Pyramid at Giza).
  • The transmitter end of the crystal (the smaller end point) must be faceted with a more acute angle than the receptive end.
  • Must have four or more sides facets.

The design of Vogels allows your thoughts, intentions, and desires to enter the crystal at the receptive end, become amplified as it travels in a circular pattern through the crystal, and be transmitted like a laser from the transmitter end. They are amazing to use during meditation!